Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the Vista Security Screens™ Product Line consist of?
Vista Protective Security Screens are available in:

2. What colors do Vista Security Screens come in?
All Vista Security Screens products are available in the following colors:

3. Are there any architectural style Vista Security Screens products?
Yes, Vista Protective Security Screens are available in Sliding Doors, Sliding Stacking Doors, French Doors, Premium Swinging Doors, Pool Fencing and Balustrade, Fixed Window Screens, Awning Screens, Casement Screens, Fire Escapes, and Security Screens for Curtain Wall and Storefronts.

4. If I install Vista Window Security Screens on bedroom windows how do they open in case of an emergency?
The Vista Quick Escape Security Screen has a built in panic release for bedroom applications.

5. Can I use Vista Fixed Window Screens on bedroom windows?
Always check your local Building Code requirements for types of Security Screens that will pass local, county, state and federal regulations.

6. How do you attach Vista Security Screens products?
Vista Security Screens are designed primarily for surface or face mount applications, but are adaptable for inside mount applications as well. Vista Protective Security Screens are secured using Vista's 2", 3" or 5" Trim Head Heat Treated Steel Screws and fastened into studs in the wall. Fastening screws are concealed behind screw cap covers for a finished look.

7. Do Vista Security Screens replace regular insect screens?
Yes, Vista Security Screens provide security without compromising your clear and unobstructed view of the outdoors.

8. Do Vista Protective Security Screens work similar to a standard screen against insects?
Yes, Vista Security Screens provide protection from flies, mosquitos, and other pests.

9. Will I still have air circulation?
Yes, Vista Protective Security Screens use a 10 x 10 open weave mesh that provides free flow air circulation.

10. I'm concerned with harmful UV rays. Will Vista Security Screens help?
Yes, Vista Protective Security Screens block an average of 60% of harmful UV rays.

11. I'm interested in a security door to protect against intruders, but do not like the look of unsightly bars and perforated steel mesh. Do you have an option?
Yes, our Vista Security Screens offer a clear unobstructed view without any bars. The 316 Stainless Steel Mesh is virtually impossible to penetrate or rip out.

12. Will Vista Security Screens Doors and Windows give me worry-free security?
Yes, Vista Protective Security Screens are designed for security applications. Vista Security Screens help prevent burglars from gaining access, while also providing homeowners with ease of use, entry, and exit.

13. Vista Security Screens seem more expensive than others. Why is that?
Vista Security Screens use genuine 316 High Tensile Strength Stainless Steel Mesh and powder coated in a black finish. The Stainless Steel Mesh is woven in the same manner as typical insect screen and then secured in our extruded aluminum framing system using our patented tensioning system.

14. Can I install Vista Security Screens myself?
If you are customer of Vista Security Systems and are well versed in security applications, Vista Security Screens install without much effort. For more information on how to measure and install, go to "RESOURCES", "VIDEOS","MEASURING AND INSTALLING".

15. What if I need help with my installation?
You can e-mail digital photographs to our Vista Security Screens team for their review for any application and for more information go to "RESOURCES", "VIDEOS","MEASURING AND INSTALLING".

16. What type of lock do I need to buy?
Vista Security Screens have an easy-to-use integrated "Multi-Point-Lock" System.

17. What type of warranty do you offer?
Vista Security Screens Security Screens offer a Powder Coating Color Warranty for a period of ten years from the date of original installation on mesh and sash panels, and a Hardware Warranty for a period of one year from the date of original installation on all hardware (hinges, door closers, locks, and rollers).

18. Has there been product testing?
Vista Security Screens have undergone product testing in accordance with Australian Standards which are some of the toughest in the world.

19. Will Vista Security Screens Sliding Door Security Screens work in my existing screen door track?
No, Vista Security Screens Sliding Door Security Screens are designed to travel in their own track and jamb system to assure maximum security against intruders lifting or pulling the security door off the opening.

20. Can Vista Security Screens Sliding Door Security Screens mount inside an existing opening?
Yes, but there may be considerations for attaching the tracks and jambs, such as if there is enough existing track and jamb material to attach the Vista Security Screens Tracks and Jambs to, or if the bottom track will be a "trip hazard".

21. Is there a bug seal on the Sliding Security Door to keep pests out?
Yes, all Vista Security Screens Sliding Door Security Screens have an extruded aluminum "Finish Angle" on the back edge of the Sliding Security Door that slides into the Vista Security Screens Interlock extrusion attached to the stationary glass panel in a single sliding door application. The Finish Angle not only keeps the bugs out, but also assures the Vista Security Screens Security Door cannot be removed from the opening. For more details on interlock options, we have a comprehensive diagram (AVDB3085G and AVDB3085H Interlock Options) designed to be used on the job site.

22. Do you offer a pre-hung sliding door system?
Yes, we have developed an Aluminum Surround System that is manufactured and assembled in a complete unit with all hardware and strikes pre-installed. The Aluminum Surround System was designed for a 60 minute install. The Aluminum Surround System is available for single or double sliding doors. Note: The shipping crate is quite large to accommodate the fully assembled door system. We recommend using glass racks to transport crates to job site.

23. Can you cut down the size of the Aluminum Surround System shipping crate?
We do offer a "split" (two "C" sections) frame system for any Sliding Door System. Here is how it works; we build and install the entire door system and "split" in half the Top and Bottom Aluminum Surround Frame. The Top and Bottom Tracks connect and bridge the "C" sections of the Aluminum Surround Frame in place. We remove the Top and Bottom Tracks for re-assembly on the job site.

24. How long does it take to install a Sliding Security Door System without the aluminum surround system?
Normally it takes 1 to 2 hours to cut the necessary pieces and install.

25. What is the difference between a three sided or four sided Premium Swinging Door?
The Three Sided or Four Sided reference is the number of door frame sides that the swinging door swings into. A Three Sided Premium Door does not have a bottom frame for the door to swing into, eliminating a "trip hazard" and is typically used in an application where the side frames sit on top of a threshold and uses a bottom sweep to cover the gap between the door and threshold. Four Sided Premium Doors are a great solution when the door is surface mounted and the bottom rests on a flat surface below a threshold. The four sided Premium Door is also a great deterrent to keep "critters" out.

26. How do I bridge the gap between the Premium Four Sided Door and threshold?
There are a couple of options: (1) Vista stocks Sill Adapters that extend the distance of the threshold to the security door frame; (2) Vista stocks a 1-3/8" tall by 72" long brush sweep (Vista #50MH084) to compensate for irregular surfaces.

27. Can I key alike Premium Swinging Doors to Vista Security Screens Sliding Security Doors?
No, we can key alike Sliders to Sliders and Swinging Doors to Swinging Doors, but we are unable to key alike Swinging Doors to Sliders at Vista Security Screens. We recommend making arrangements with your local locksmith to key Swinging Doors to Sliding Doors.

28. What fasteners do you recommend to secure the Vista Security Screens?
Although our screens do not include the attachment screws, Vista Security Systems stocks the best possible screws to use on Vista Security Screens products. We highly recommend the following fasteners:

29. Will regular drywall type screws work?
Regular drywall screws will secure the security screens, but the head on regular drywall screws sometimes interfere with the screw cap covers that conceal the attachment screws. The trim head screws from Vista are smaller and rarely interfere when installing the screw cap covers. Another benefit using the Vista Trim Head Screws are their ability to form a counter sink hole.

30. How do I order Vista Security Screens Sliding Door Security Screens?
The best way to order our products is using our order forms. The forms are designed to be used on the job site and prompt the technician to fill in all necessary information prior to submitting the order. The forms can be e-mailed to or faxed (310) 327-1180.

31. I would like to learn more about selling Vista Security Screens. Do you have samples and sales aids?
Yes we do. We have a wide variety of Vista Security Screens sales aids and marketing material available.

32. Do you provide samples?
Call us at (310) 886-1756 for information.

33. How long does it take to manufacture Vista Security Screens products?
Our lead time is normally 3 to 4 weeks.

34. What is the Warranty?
Detailed Warranty Information Available At: